A population-based study of the costs of care for community-acquired pneumonia

M. Bartolomé, J. Almirrall, J. Morera, G. Pera, V. Ortún, J. Bassa, I. Bolíbar, X. Balanzó, A. Verdaguer, J. M. de Salas, J. Costa, M. Tristany, M. J. Grau, S. Sancho, E. Miguel, M. Fradera, I. Ochoa, A. Quilez, V. Marina, P. SubiasB. Jimeno, A. Bradnovich, M. Rodriguez, E. Ramon, A. Gardella, C. Ginés, J. C. Montero, P. Flores, P. Serra, E. Torrellas, I. Buxadé, J. Mussoll, M. Gomez, X. Mestres, A. Armada, J. Mallafré, M. Roger, M. T. Gros, N. Les, J. Joanola, J. Doménech, M. Bundó, Ma Trilla, J. Massons, J. Montero, E. Zurilla, M. Alegre, M. Papiol, O. Martí, M. Catalá, M. A. Martinez, E. Diaz, P. Torán, M. M. Aizpurua, G. Lozano, J. Casals, J. Sorribes, D. Torrellas, A. Casas, J. Bernad, A. de Montoliu, J. Gaya, R. Vallés, A. Vasquez, R. Peiro, G. Aresté, N. Mengual, M. C. Viñes, E. Almerich, M. A. Lopez, J. Bel, A. Gosalves, S. Macip, E. Carrillo, P. Paulo, M. Pol, J. Sala, P. Mir, J. L.L. Anglada, J. Salabarnada, E. Sanz, F. Gorgas, A. Ribas, E. Fau, I. Pellicer, S. Morales, E. Burdoy, L. L. Busquets, S. de Castro, M. Bartolomé, E. Corona, Y. Verde, A. Borrás, F. Aznar, F. Riera, A. Vazquez, P. Gil, M. Serra-Prat, O. Parra

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In a population-based study, the consumption of resources for treating adult patients with community-acquired pneumonia was determined. During a 2-yr period, all cases with a clinical and radiological suspicion of community-acquired pneumonia that occurred in patients aged >14 yrs in a community of 74,610 inhabitants were investigated prospectively. Of 292 cases with a suspicion of community-acquired pneumonia, 224 were included (18.5% misdiagnoses). The mean number of visits per patient was 4.5 (72% in the primary care setting). Inpatient care was recommended in 59.8% of cases; after discharge, 44% of patients were managed in outpatient clinics. The mean direct cost of pneumonia treated in the hospital setting was € (euros) 1,553, whereas the mean cost of cases treated as outpatients was €196. A total of 15.7% of admissions were considered inappropriate and the length of stay could have been reduced by 3.5 days in the most severe cases. A reduction in inappropriate admissions and lengths of hospital stay would result in a decrease in cost of 17.4%. Community-acquired pneumonia in Maresme, Spain, occurs at a low incidence, although with a high percentage of hospitalisations (in part inappropriate), resulting in considerable costs. © ERS Journals Ltd 2004.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)610-616
JournalEuropean Respiratory Journal
Publication statusPublished - 1 Apr 2004


  • Community-acquired pneumonia
  • Cost reduction
  • Direct costs
  • Length of stay
  • Site of care


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