A descriptive analysis of the translation of the characters' dialogues in Andrea Camilleri's novels in Spanish

Margherita Taffarel

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    The international success of Andrea Camilleri's novels has stimulated the debate on the relationship between Italian and dialects and on the possibility (or impossibility) of reproducing the linguistic m osaic created by the author through translation. Translating the characters' dialogues represents a challenge, since they are characterized by the simultaneous presence of standard Italian, Sicilian dialect and the so-called "regional Italian". The translation of Camilleri's novels into Spanish poses two major problems. In the first place, there is a linguistic gap, since the presence of language variety is more significant in Italian than in Spanish. Furthermore, the social and pragmatic implications associated to the use of dialects in Italy represent a m ajor issue when dealing with the translation of texts characterized by linguistic variety. Despite the progressive decrease in the number of speakers, dialects are still present in Italy and everyday communication involves different language varieties, although, at times, speakers use them unconsciously. In the specific case of Camilleri's novels, the use of diastratic and diatopic varieties (standard Italian, regional Italian and Sicilian dialect) contributes to portray each character as an individual. Besides, it allows the readers to identify with a mixed language which has been considered as inferior and vulgar for a long time and, nevertheless, is widely used in everyday communication and in literature.
    Original languageEnglish
    Issue numberSPL.ISSUE
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2012


    • Descriptive analysis
    • Geographic and social dialect
    • Linguistic variety
    • Literary translation


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