Ús de "that" per part d'individus amb afàsia

Translated title of the contribution: On the Use of "That" by Individuals with Afasia

Mireia Llinàs i Grau, Silvia Martínez Ferreiro

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleDissemination


Aphasia is a regressive pathology affecting linguistic skills (lack of comprehension and oral and written production) which appears after brain injury. A study on the production of subordinate constructions in English in individuals with and without aphasia shows that individuals with aphasia use significantly less subordinate clauses, especially those with production deficits. In contrast, there are no differences in the presence of that, which is optional in certain constructions.
Translated title of the contributionOn the Use of "That" by Individuals with Afasia
Original languageCatalan
JournalUAB Divulga
Publication statusPublished - 2014


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