Vencedores y vencidos: imperialismo, control social y paisajes antiguos.

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Originally, this Group main research subject has been the Roman conquest of Hispania, underlining the efforts Rome made in order to secure ans achieve peace for nearly 200 years and, at the same time, emphasizing the gradual transformation and internal fractions suffered by the Iron Age Iberian populations the Republic confronted. This new research project wants to deal with the consequences of war and peace for the historical past, but always bearing in mind a critical present perspective. For instance, Gulf Wars have made both general people and scholars more interested in warfare than ever, rising questions like who really benefited from those wars. Something alike, but focused on the Ancient World, broadly speaking from the Roman West to the Eastern Asia, is what this project is about. Taking up several study cases, such as Roman Hispania, the Seleukid and Roman Siria region, and the Korean and Chinese frontier area, we will try to find evidence to understand which social bodies from those three Ancient Empires managed to make direct profits not only from war itself, but also from its aftermath when peace was finally achieved., Consequently, four research lines have been designed: 1. A comparative model for Ancient Empires at work: China, Seleukid Kingdom (Siria), Rome 2. Landscape management and control: civitas and cadastres 3. Tributary schemes, production and social order 4. Memory of the past: identity, historical landscapes and heritage
Effective start/end date1/10/0730/09/10


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