Valoració mitjançant tècniques immunocitoquímiques i morfològiques de la capacitat de protecció de vacunes dirigides contra el virus de la malaltia misteriosa del porc

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    The misterious illness of pig, day known as pig's respiratory and reproductive syndrome (PRRS) or the pig's epidemic abort and respiratory syndrome (PEARS) appeared firstly in Europe in 1990, having effect on a great number of farms in Germany and Holland. The illness spread out fastly and with an epizootic shape to other European countries. In Spain the illness was detected in Huesca in January 1991. From this focal point, an infectious agent capable of reproducing the illness in gestation process of female pigs has been isolated, and that produces breathing disturbances in piglets and in weaned pigs. There are also evidences that the infection could persist in the organism even in the presence of antibodies in front of the virus, and that, once all the reproduction problems in a farm or in a place have been solved, the problems of the illness are centered in breathing disturbances in p
    Effective start/end date31/03/9331/03/95


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