Valoració i preparació de mètodes enzimoquímics per a la sínt esi de caps de sèrie i anàlegs de pèptids biològicament actius. Aplicació a la CCK-8

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The increasing number of peptide applications as therapeutic drugs and pharmaceuticals is renewing the interest for the development of faster, safer and cheaper methods of peptide synthesis. Therefore, any attempt to solve the already existing bottlenecks in this field will contribute to the availability of new peptide pharmaceuticals. One of such unsolved problems is peptide fragment condensation, which is lacking of general and reliable methodology. The present project is aimed to contribute to ease this situation by applying the synthetic potential of proteases in nearly anhydrous organic media. A potential therapeutic agent and biologically active peptide which has been raising great social expectations for its involvement in satiety mechanisms has been chosen as application example of this new methodology. Among other goals, this project is intended to develop a new synthetic pathwa
Effective start/end date10/06/9210/06/95


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