Utillatges de Modelatge i Planificació de la Producció a la Indústria de Processos

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    This project try to implement a production planning software package that generates, in an automatic way, the decission variables values that guarantee a good coordination of process units during transient states, that appears dure to changes in the product or in the production rate to be satisfied. The problem will be afford by means of a dynamic mathematical model description of the production process, and the use of heuristic tools to obtain the \i "quasi-optimal"\i0 solution without constraining the continuous decission variables to a set of discrete values. The software will hide end users problems related with the mathematical model parametrization and construction, by automating the interaction between an expert system that will determine the next configuration to be evaluated by the simulator, according to the cost function supplied by the modeling environment (PMT). The prototype will try to cover the lack of diynamic production planning tools in the process industry by using a dynamic system representation (not the steady state model) of the real process, without evaluating each possible configuration performance, in order to compute \i "quasi-optimal"\i0 planning solutions constrained to computational time limits.
    Effective start/end date1/10/9830/09/01


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