Utilització de limnocorrals amb sistemes d'experimentació "in situ" de processos microbians en una llacuna eutròfica. Models de compartiments.

  • Abellà Ametller, Carles (Principal Investigator)

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The presence of two limnological enclosures (Lund Tubes) in Lake Vilar (Banyoles, Girona), is an incomparable oportunity to study the dynamics of an aquatic ecosystem from different points of view. Firstly, an "intermediate experimentation level" can be assigned and located between laboratory and field works. It can be useful for "in situ" experiments, avoiding the scale problems derived from both laboratory and whole lake works. On the other hand, the lake stratification and the development of anoxic condition in the hypolimnion, allow a "compartment study" of main microbial processes. Finally, The monitoring of such compartments along the time, will ease the building of "mathematical models", which must include the parameters derived from the three-level investigations (Lake, Lund Tubes and Lab). The ultimate aim is to describe the functioning of the ecosystem as well as to make some p
Effective start/end date1/01/9131/12/94


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