Usos del sòl, paisatge i desenvolupament sostenible en espais rurals de muntanya. Reconstrucció paleoambiental i prospectiva del paisatge

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Processes of abandonment and anthropic intensification ocur in mountain areas. They affect, in fact, the land use and landscape changes in a different way. The objective of this project is to identify and analize economic and social changes of different areas of the Catalan Pyrenees Mountains. The evolution of ecological landscape and land cover will be studied to provide enough information to set up an outlook of sustainable territorial development in mountain regions. The analysis of soil fertility and historical landscape in each stydy area will be compared to natural (climate, geomorphical processes, etc.) and anthropic (abandonment of agrarian and forestry activities, countryside fires, etc.) disturbances. Moreover, the study of the climatic change for a period of 1000 years BP (in one of the areas could be of 15000 years BP) and studying the sediment yield in small river basins. At the same time, the demographic, economic and social processes, in some municipalities of the areas, will be identified with the objective to promove policies of sustainable locval development. The theories of comparative advantage and local firm embedddedness will be on the foundation of these policies. Methoddology to apply to these two theories is mainly indepth interviewing and participant observation. Methods and technics in the analysis of phisical variables includes: palinology, antracology, dendrology, physical and chemical soil analysis and sediment yield in small river basins. All together under an ecohistorical approach on the way to interpret key points of the landscape evolution from the past to the present. Methods and techniques adopted in this regional analysis will include cartography from remote sensing, GPS, multivariant statistical analysis, field-works on sampling and GIS. Sustainability indicators to suport these methodologies will be designed
Effective start/end date28/12/0127/12/04


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