Trastornos Alimentarios: Prevención Primaria en una muestra de mujeres adolescentes mediante un programa psicológico multimedia

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These project has as primordial goal to make and validate Eating Disorders Primary Prevention instruments in a female sample. Women are the most affected population. The instruments: CDRom and video, will be made with the application of new technology to Psychology strategies that had been found more usefuls in Primary Prevention and in Eatind Disorders, in the literature. From the results of our studies in second ESO's adolescents representative samples, sutdied in isx towns: Cerdanyola, Manresa, Mollet, Sant Cugat del Vallès and Terrassa and the published studies, we will make a CD-Rom and video in order to achieve the following goals: 1) Self-esteem improvement and diversity and change acceptance. 2) Basic nutrition conceps learning. 3) Criticism to Media pression to female slendermess. We will present the CD-Romand video to representative female adolescent sample randomly selected in an experimental desing with test-posttest control groups. The presentation and the work will be very short (three days). The benefits of this project will be useful multimedia Primary Prevention instruments. These instruments will be useful in very different educational places.
Effective start/end date17/12/0131/12/04


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