Transferència electrònica i substitució nucleòfila. Control de la reactivitat fotoinduïda de sistemes aromàtics \Pi-deficients

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The proposed interest areas are: a) understanding of the mechanistic details of the "ionic photosubstitution-ET elicited photo substitution (SRN1 and non chain mechanisms)-photoreduction" borderlines, in order to govern photoreaction in each case; b) study of the reactions of polyfluoronitroaromatic and other "pi"-deficient polyfluoroaromatic compounds from the photochemical and electrochemical points of view in a research directed to understand the effects of the fluorine as substituent in the bordelines of point "a"; c) design of biochemical fluorescent photoprobes based in "pi"-deficient aromatic and heteroaromatic compounds; d) "through space" versus "through "sigma" bonds" electron transfer in [Donor (tertiary amine) - linker - acceptor (nytrophenil ether)] systems; e) effect of the inclusion on cyclodextrins on the photoreactivity of nitrophenyl ethers and other "pi"-deficient arom
Effective start/end date30/09/9130/09/94


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