Trajectòria político-ideològica dels militars a Espanya durant el trànsit de l'antic règim al liberalisme

  • Roura Aulinas, Lluis (Principal Investigator)
  • Canales Gili, Esteve (Investigator)
  • Castells Olivan, Irene (Investigator)
  • Moliner Prada, Antoni (Investigator)
  • Emilio La Parra López (Investigator)

Project Details


Analyis of the ideological trajectory and political behaviour of the Spanish military between the last third of Eighteenth century and the first third of Nineteenth century, through the look into the biography of about fifty of the most paramount of them: "Ancient Regime" military, "guerrilleros" with political significance, members of liberal "pronunciamientos", protagonists of "realistas" and "carlistas" insurrections, and so on
Effective start/end date1/10/981/10/01


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