TRAINMONHER. Valorisation of Monumental Heritage through Higher Education and Professional Training. Socioeconomic study and analysis of National Policies on EU-MED-DEV countries and EC Directives.

  • Brianso Penalva, Jose Luis (Principal Investigator)

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According to the definition of a Conservation Scientist given in the Bologna Document, including valorisation of monumental heritage and materials in cultural heritage, we can conclude that monumental heritage needs not only sciences and technology, but also humanities. Besides, social and economical aspects play an important role in the valorisation of monumental heritage process. It is a complex overall to implement it at university and professional/continuing education level. However, it is a necessity regarding conservation from an historical point of view, but also as potential resources and social development such as either cultural tourism or other industrial activities and services. Our SSA's aim is to design capacity building through educational and training programmes with interdisciplinary and transversal issues which include a large part of knowledge declared in Bologna Document. The programme design (contents and specific modules) will be set up through an interdisciplinary group composed of 8 partners. Three partners from the European Union (Spain, Portugal and France), two from West Balkans area (Croatia**) and three from MED and DEV countries (Morocco, Argentina and Mexico). Regarding the last countries (MED and DEV) a pilot programme will be implemented with a selective process. Additionally our SSA will be completed in two ways: with an analysis of National Policies ad EC Directives, taking account the general context of TRAINMONHER, and the study about the socioeconomic impact, of the Education and Training, in Cultural Tourism, and other professional sectors (handicraft, construction, rehabilitation...), in Employment and in Job creation.
Effective start/end date15/12/0614/12/08

Collaborative partners

  • (lead)
  • Instituto Nacional de Engenharia e Tecnologia Industrial (INETI)
  • Asociación Consorcio para el Desarrollo Regional de Buenos Aires Oeste-Innovar
  • Rudjer Boskovic Institute (RBI)
  • Université Cadi Ayyad (UCA)
  • Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo
  • Université de Versailles St-Quentin-en-Y.
  • Croatian Conservation Institute (Hrvatski Restauratorski Zavod)


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