Tractament biològic integral amb fongs i bactèries per a destoxificar efluents de la indústria de pasta i paper

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The effluents of the pulp and paper industry are heterogeneous, toxic and non-biodegradable. It is very important to know their characteristics so a classification based on key compounds (lignin, resin, tannin...) and toxicity may be established and the most adequate biological treatment for the purification of these waters may be found. The technologies of aerobic and anaerobic reactor and fungi. The aim of this project is a deeper study of the ligninolithic attack of real effluents of the paper industry with fungi by developing analitical methods (CG, FPLC, Microtox, enzymatic analyses, etc.) for the final object of knowing and optimizing the purification process and developing and immobilized-fungi reactor to be applied on an industrial scale.
Effective start/end date6/06/946/06/97


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