Tiolats metàl·lics, metalotioneines i la seva aplicació al segrest de metalls pesants.

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Based on the behavior of aminothinol ligands as simple thiols and on the wide of this group on the chemistry of aminothiolates we aim at improving the knowledge on poorly known structural aspects (by experimental and theoretical methods) about these or related species such as thiolates or sulfides, as well as on their possible applications. Thus we propose: a) to obtain and to characterize structurally macromolecular cations of formula [XM\super II\nosuper y (SRH)\sub z\nosub ]\supe\sr n+\nosuper , where X= Cl\super -\nosuper , Br\super -\nosuper , I\super -\nosuper , S\super 2-\nosuper , Se\super 2-\nosuper ; M= Zn\super II\nosuper , Cd\super II\nosuper , Hg\super II\nosuper; SRH= aminothiol in zwitterionic form \approx \super -\nosuper S\b ···\b0 N\super +\nosuper HR\sub 2\nosub ; n\super +\nosuper =2y - charge of the anion X, 8 \leq y \leq \infty; b) to optimize the experimental conditions for the synthesis of metalloligands of formula [L\sub 2\nosub M(\mu-S)\sub 2\nosub ML\sub 2\nosub ] where M= Pd, Pt; L\sub 2\nosub =dppe, bipy, en, to characterize them structurally, to study the geometry of the M\sub 2\nosub S\sub 2\nosub ring by \i ab anitio\i0 calculations and to obtain derivatives such as [Cu\super II\nosuper {Pt\sub 2\nosub (\mu-S)\sub 2\nosub (dppe)\sub 2\nosub }\sub 2\nosub ]\super 2+\nosuper, as model for the active sites in copper metalloproteins; c) to analyze by theoretical methods the influence of the coordination sphere on the thermocynamics and kinetics of the internal redox reaction that affects Cu\super II\nosuper thiolates; d) to obtain metal complexes of aminodithiocarbamates, \super -\nosuper S\sub 2\nosub CN(R)-NR'\sub 2\nosub, and to assay its capacity to behave as precursosrs for growing ZnS or CdS crystalline films. Finalli, we aim at studying the coordinative behavieor of recombinant wild type or mutated metallothioneins, as well as that of the corresponding \alpha and \beta fragments, by means of spectrophotometric and
Effective start/end date1/10/981/10/01


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