The socio-economic role of domestic service as a factor of European identity - SERVANT

  • Sarasua Garcia, Carmen (Principal Investigator)
  • Anne-Lise Head (Investigator)
  • BURGENMEIER, Beat (Investigator)
  • DUBERT, Isidro (Investigator)
  • EHMER, Josef (Investigator)
  • FARAGO, Tamas (Investigator)
  • JOHANSSON, Toril (Investigator)
  • KOMLOS, John (Investigator)
  • KORSTEN, F.J.M. (Investigator)
  • MASTERSON, Patrick (Investigator)
  • MOREAU, Sylvie (Investigator)
  • Mr. Legros (Investigator)
  • NAUMANN, Jens (Investigator)
  • OHLSSON, Rolf (Investigator)
  • PAVLIK, Zdenek (Investigator)
  • REVEL, Jacques (Investigator)
  • REY CASTELAO, Orelia (Investigator)
  • ROSSI, Mario (Investigator)
  • ROSTIROLLA, Piero (Investigator)
  • TEDEBRAND, Lars-Goran (Investigator)
  • WYCZANSKI, Anrzej (Investigator)
  • ZANOLARI, Marzia (Investigator)


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Social Sciences