The role of catecholamines on brain MT regulation. The copper and MT metabolism

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    The aim of this crosscultural research is to study possible individual differences in perception of school-related stressors and coping mechanisms used to handle such problems. We were interested in knowing the relationship between some personality variables (sensation seeking trait, sensibility to punishment and sensibility to reward) and different psychological factors (perception of stressors at school, mechanisms to cope with them and coping strategies to solve problems). In order to do this, we planed two parallel studies in Slovakia and Catalonia. During Dr. Sarmany's stay, financed by the Comission of the European Communities, The Catalan study was planned at Autonomous University of Barcelona. After adapting the necessary tests, about a thousand students answered them. The research is currently in progress.
    Effective start/end date15/09/9315/12/93

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