The Earth Under Surveillance. Climate Change, Geophysics and the Cold War Legacy.

  • Roqué, Xavier (Principal Investigator)
  • Aliberas, Joan (Others)
  • Cortijo, Celsa (Others)
  • Custodio, Enric (Others)
  • Estanya, Josep Lluís (Others)
  • Franco, Roser (Others)
  • Gómez, Adrianna (Others)
  • Hinojosa, Julià (Others)
  • Martínez, Rosa M. (Others)
  • Oliveras, Begonya (Others)
  • Paz, Vilma (Others)
  • Perseguer, Carme (Others)
  • Ribas, Núria (Others)
  • Simón, Marta (Others)
  • Solsona, Núria (Others)
  • Vià, Antònia (Others)
  • Cantero, Beatriz (Investigator)
  • Casas, María Elena (Investigator)
  • Castells, Marina (Investigator)
  • Civil, Regina (Investigator)
  • Herrera, Lluïsa (Investigator)
  • Laia Torres (Investigator)
  • Marzábal, Ainoa (Investigator)
  • Pipitone Vela, María Carolina (Investigator)
  • Ramos Robles, Lizette (Investigator)
  • Roser Nebot (Investigator)
  • Torremilans, Montserrat (Investigator)


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Earth and Planetary Sciences