Termodinámica y Mecánica estadística de Sistemas complejos.

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This project coordinates the activity of two groups, one at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the other one at the Universities of Girona and International de Catalunya. The conplexity to which the title refers presents a triple perspective: constitutive, i.e. the nature itself of the systems being analyzed (polymer solutions,suspensions, cosmological models, environmental situations) which requires an advanced conceptual and analytical frameqork; dynamical (transport equations with memory, nonlocal and nonlinear terms) and thermodynamical (entropy and equations of state depending nonlinearly on the fluxes). It combines thermodynamical and statistical analyses, in which we go beyond the well-established grounds. From a dynamical point of view, complex interactions are included (hydrodynamical ones in suspensions, couplings between diffusion and viscous pressure tensor in polymeric systems, viscous dissipation and particle production in cosmological models, relaxation effects in environmental systems). From the thermodynamic perspective,nonequilibrium variables are included ina generalized entropy and equatiions of state. In summary, the project has many original aspects, as it requires not only an application of already established basic ideas to new situations, but also an in-depth reformulation of some of the basic concepts in nonequilibrium thermodynamics and statistical mechanics.
Effective start/end date19/12/0019/12/03


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