TELOSENS: Telomeres and radiosensitivity of individuals

  • Genesca Garrigosa, Anna (Principal Investigator)
  • Tusell Padros, Laura (Scholar)
  • Blanco García, Francisco (Dr.) (Investigator)
  • Cella, Rino (Professor) (Investigator)
  • Duclos, Jean Louis (Dr.) (Investigator)
  • Granger, Michele (Dr.) (Investigator)
  • Iliakis, George (Dr.) (Investigator)
  • JENSEN G., Thomas (Mr) (Investigator)
  • Martin Flix, Marta (Investigator)
  • Riva, Silvano (Professor) (Investigator)
  • Rubio García, José Carlos (Mr.) (Investigator)
  • Waller, Teresa (Mrs.) (Investigator)
  • Wellburn, Janet (Investigator)


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Medicine & Life Sciences