Televisió i regions a la Comunitat Econòmica Europea

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    This research project has a double purpose: a) to analyse EEC's audiovisual policy and its references to communications in various regions of Europe; and b) to analyse the development and effect of television in the same regions. We will study the role of television in regional information, dissemination of culture, standardization of language usage, entertainment offer, dynamising business activity in the audiovisual and related sectors, and in the overall dynamisation of the region's economy through local and regional publicity campaigns. This study refers to television on a wide scale, including hertzian television and new technology (especially cable television), but it also deals with the indirect effects of satellite television. Local television will be considered as well, whenever local television has an influence on counties or other local territorial divisions and might be said
    Effective start/end date30/09/9130/09/93


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