Tecnologia de microarrays aplicada a l'anàlisi genòmic de tumors de bufeta i a la validació de marcadors tumorals

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Genetic study in the carcinoma of bladder that will be carried out to two levels: 1- Analisis of high resolution of the variations in the number of copies utilizing the technique of CGH in microarrays. For it, it has elected himself a microarray that contains 300 loci that are frequently altered in solid tumors and a microarray with 3000 BACs of 1mb each one. Thus, it enlarges considerably the resolution and will permit to carry out a screening of genes and/or regions candidates to be implied in the carcinogenesis bladder for its subsequent utilization as scoreboards. 2- Construction of a microarray of tumors of bladder from 300 samples included in parafina previously selected that they be representative of the different types, degrees and stadiums. In this array, they will apply the routine techniques of immunohistochemical of the scoreboards that are utilized in this type of neoplasia (p53, ciclinas D1 and AND, CD31, Ki67, citoqueratinas 7 and 20, bcl2 and Rb). Likewise, it will be carried out with FISH with them you probe ATM, ERBB2, MYC, MSH3, CCND3, RB1, MIBL2, CYP24, CAS, STK6 and with probe selected from the results obtained with the CGH in microarrays. Finally, by means of statistical analysis multivariantes will value himself the clinical meaning of the molecular alterations.
Effective start/end date6/11/026/11/05


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