Susceptibilidad genética a las patologías del tiroides. Identificación de nuevos factores de susceptibilidad y análisis de factores de respuesta al daño genético.

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Thyroid pathologies affect the regulation of the global metabolism of the organism, which bears general dysfunction including the individual's bahavior. In these multifactorial pathologies, both genetic and environmental factors are important in the development of the disease. Moreover, the identification of susceptibility to the pathologies of the thyroid, the aims of this proposal are as the follows: 1º. To identify the susceptibility locus/loci in the 1p12-13 region, analyzing genetic polymorphisms and haplotypes in candidate genes in different cohorts of thyroid canmcer patients and in a cohort of hyperthyroidism patients. 2º. To study the association of DNA repair genes and genes involved in DNA damage response with thyroid cancer, using a case-control approach to genotype different cohorts of thyroid cancer patients. The interaction between these genes on thyroid cancer susceptibility as well as the interaction of these genes and the responses of patients to therapeutic treatment to radiation will be also addressed.
Effective start/end date1/10/0724/10/10


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