Supporting educational and social inclusion of early youth leavers and youth at risk of early leaving through mechanisms of orientation and tutorial action (O4YEL)

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Tackling early school leaving is a European policy challenges because it is central to young peoples educational, social and labour inclusion. Continuation in education and achievement in educational outcomes are therefore fundamental for inclusion in social, educational and labour contexts. Of the factors linked to early leaving, wrong and/or inadequate orientation and guidance process are ones of the main reasons for dropping out, more specifically on secondary educational level (lower and upper secondary education), one of the more critical for young people in which they have to choice about their educational and professional future.In the light of the above, this project aims to develop, implement and evaluate innovative methods and practices focussed on mechanisms of learner orientation and tutorial actions to foster inclusive education of young people who are early leavers, or who are at risk of early leaving in formal and non-formal educational contexts. In this way, this project work to develop a diagnostic for causes and protective factors of early leaving, to support educational stakeholders (teachers, trainers, educators, leaders of educational institutions, and other professionals) in dealing with young people early leavers or at risk of early leaving, to establish learning networks about tackling early leaving, and to identify aspects of effective leadership in educational institutions to foster educational and social inclusion of young people early leavers or at risk of early leaving in the educational institutions.A bank of resources and good practices, diagnostic and evaluation tools, networking between educational stakeholders and institutions, a consolidated orientation and tutorial action intervention proposal are examples of the expected results that this project aims to extend in order to improve social, educational and labour inclusion of groups at risk of exclusion due to early leaving.
Effective start/end date31/12/1830/06/22

Collaborative partners

  • Instituto Politecnico de Leiria (Project partner)
  • University of Bremen (Project partner)
  • Universitatea din Bucuresti (University of Bucharest) (UB) (Project partner)
  • University of Bath (Project partner)


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