Studies of proliferative kidney disease with particular reference to prophylaxis and geographical distribution in Europe

  • Crespo Gimenez, Silvia (Principal Investigator)

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The main objectives are to use specific probes to identify the surface antigen and life cycle stages of PKX, the etiological agent of proliferative kidney disease PKD, so that an effective vaccine against this mixosporean affecting salmonids fishfarms in Europe and North America can be developed. The distributions and levels of PKD throughout Europe are presently unknown so a survey is also carried out by the several partners in the project: United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Italy and Spain. In Spain, those fish farms which resulted positive for PKX the first year of the project were monitorised and the samples are being analysed. A collaboration has been established with the University of Saragossa (Department of Animal Pathology) to study, by immunohistochemistry, electron and scanning microscopy, some muscular lesions caused by PKX. We also analyse samples directly sent by fishfarms to
Effective start/end date1/06/9431/05/95

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