StepForME - Steps Forward to Meaningful Employment of young people with emotional well-being problems after the Covid-19 pandemic

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The employability of young people with emotional well-being problems has always been much lower and more complex than that of the general youth population. Emotional well-being problems, which often lead to diagnosed mental health disorders, create deficiencies and barriers of all kinds that make it difficult for many young people to access the job market. The youth unemployment data is very high, but the unemployment of young people with emotional or mental health problems is even higher. In addition, the Covid-19 health crisis has exacerbated the emotional well-being and mental health problems of European youth, with devastating consequences for their employability. But, in turn, the Covid-19 crisis has produced a sudden acceleration of the digital transformation that, among other things, has made it possible to become more aware of the potential of some digital tools to help improve the well-being and employability of youth. , helping to break their isolation, overcome their depression, facilitate professional intervention and improve their social inclusion and access to the labor market. This has aroused great interest from youth workers, specialized NGOs and public services to better understand the potential of digital transformation to achieve a more effective socio-labour intervention with young people with fewer opportunities.
StepForME aims to address this challenge by making available to youth workers and young people themselves affected by emotional well-being problems, a set of innovative practices supported by the use of digital tools that have proven effective in improving their well-being and their employability, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, and likewise train youth workers, recommend the generalization of these practices and tools, and disseminate this knowledge at a local, national and European level.
Short titleStepForME
Effective start/end date1/11/2131/12/23

Collaborative partners

  • Fundació iSocial per a la innovació en l'acció social (Coordinator) (lead)
  • Aunua Academy Company Limited by Guarantee (Project partner)
  • Chance B Holding Gmbh (Project partner)
  • Tenenet o.z. (Project partner)


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