Social Convoy and Sustainable Employability Innovate Strategies of Outplacement / Replacement Counselling - SOCOSE

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The project aims at the analysis of existing company-based approaches of taking aver social responsibility for dismissed employees in the context of industrial restructuring. Concepts on the development of sustainable employability on the company level, and on a "social convoy" in occupational transitions are assumed to be conducive to individuals with regard to quality of life resulting in positive repercussions for the organisation. Empirical research on the expectations from side of employees, the process and effects of out placement / replacement (op/rp) counselling, its individual and institutional effects will be conducted from different orientations and methodologies, namely psychological, sociological, agronomical, and philosophical. The result will lead to the formulation of a model for organisational and personal responsibility for occupational transitions bas ed upon integrated OP/RP strategies as part of an EU Employment Policy.
Effective start/end date1/07/0030/06/03


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