Sistema de diccionaris electrònics de l'espanyol. Una base de dades per a l'anàlisi lèxico-automàtica de l'espanyol

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The aim of this project is finishing the Spanish electronic dictionary system (SEDS), which is composed of the following components: a) a Spanish simple form electronic dictionary and a Spanish inflected simple form electronic dictionary, which is automatically generated out of the first one; this component is completely finished; b) a Spanish compound form electronic dictionary (SCFED) and a Spanish inflected compound form electronic dictionary (SICFED) whichis automatically generated. The aim of this project is the creation of the SCFED and the development of the programmes that automatically generate the SICFED out of the SCFED. The SEDS is a database that will allow the development of an error-free automatic lexical analysis of Spanis hand the development of industrial linguistic software. This project will be developed with the scientific and technological cooperation of the Laborat
Effective start/end date1/01/9131/12/94


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