Sistema d'anàlisi i de reconstrucció de dibuixos a mà alçada que representen objectes tridimensionals com a tècnica d'entrada en sistemes CAD

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    In the last years, the UPIIA group (Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing Unit) has been studying the analysis of line drawings representing three-dimensional objects. The main purpose of the project is the development of a modular system for the three-dimensional object creation in CAD systems from hand line drawings representing the object projection under a single view. This system pretends to ameliorate the man-machine interface in object creation for Cad systems. The result of the UPIIA experience in this subject is the implementation of some system modules under polyhedric domain, and we pretend to grow it in engineering applications. Also, we are working in the design of a prototype system with capacity to generate a three-dimensional object description in a larger set of CAD systems to represent and to analyze the object created from line drawing.
    Effective start/end date5/06/925/05/95


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