Simulador de computadors paral.lels per a l'avaluació i la predicció de prestacions

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    The objectives of this project should be grouped in three separate sections: a) dfinition and development of an advanced environment of simulation for the evaluation and prediction of performance in distributed memory parallel computers. In this system, the application can be formulated by means of coding it in a high level parallel language. Starting from this code and automatically, the abstract specification for its simulation will be obtained; b) analysis, design and implementation of task assignement and messages routing policies, and its subsequent integration in a distributed kernel for distributed memory parallel computers. On the one hand, the analysis of new policies will permit the creation of a model for its incorporation in the advanced environment of simulation, and the second part deals with the corresponding experimental phase in order to validate the developed policies a
    Effective start/end date5/06/925/06/95


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