Simulació Monte Carlo quàntica de dispositius nanomètrics de tansport vertical.

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We propose the use of the Monte Carlo (MC) technique for the simulation of vertical transport quantum electronic devices as resonant tunneling diodes. Different alternatives will be evaluated for the quantum treatment of the region where the wave-coherence of electrons is crucial, i.e. the quantum window (QW). Two different approaches will be considered in parallel: the solution of the envelope function equation in the effective mass framework; and the solution of Liouville equation to obtain the Wigner distribution function. In a first attempt to introduce the quantum effects into a conventional MC simulator, tunneling will be considered as a special scattering event. The most important problem for actual quantum MC simulations is the assignment of a well-defined trajectory to quantum particles. In the case of the effective mass equation framework, Bohm trajectories will be considered b
Effective start/end date1/07/951/07/98


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