Simulació del transport coherent i incoherent a estructures mesoscòpiques laterals i verticals.

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    In the present project, tools for the simulation of coherent and incoherent electron transport in quantum vertical devices and mesoscopic structures will be developed. In the first case, the aim is the optimization and generalization of a quantum Monte Carlo simulator based on Bohm trajectories which was proposed in a previous project. To this end, an importatn effort will be dedicated to model scattering events in the active region of the devices, including transitions between propagating states, between quasi-bound states and between both types of states. The simulator will be extended to study the time dependent behaviour of the devices, including the transient response and the response to the application of high frequency electric AC fields. In particular, we will apply the tool to the simulation of electron transport in resonant tunnelling diodes and to the study of the electron dynamics in Esaki-Tsu superlattices. In the latter case, we will obtain the conductance characteristics of quantum waveguide based structures by means of the transfer matrix technique, that will be extended to the case of lateral and vertical confinement (ID systems)with an eye towards the simulation of split gate devices in III-V materials. Besides, a simulator for incoherent electron transport that allows us to analyze temperature effects will be developed, and the time dependent behaviour will be studied by the solution of the time dependent Schödinger equation.
    Effective start/end date1/10/981/10/01


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