Significat adaptatiu del polimorfisme cromosòmic

  • Ruiz Panadero, Alfredo (Principal Investigator)
  • Navarro Cuartiellas, Arcadio (Scholar)
  • Barbadilla Prados, Antoni (Investigator)

Project Details


Although there are few doubts about the adaptive nature of inversion polymorphisms, we still do not fully understand how natural selection operates on these polymorphisms in natural populations, i.e. which is the relative importance of the various fitness components and which is the basic selective mechanism explaining the maintenance of these polymorphisms. Fifteen years of research on the inversion polymorphism of "Drosophila buzzatii" has yielded a bulk of useful information that allows to built precise hypotheses on these questions that are testable in the laboratory. This proposal seeks to test two of these hypotheses: a) that natural selection is operating on the inversion polymorphism during the adult phase through the effect that chromosome rearrangements have on the adult body size; b) that this selection during the adult phase in favour of the arrangements that increase body si
Effective start/end date27/06/9427/06/96


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