Separació, concentració i eliminació o recuperació en continu del contingut de soluts tòxics

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The realization of the following aims will be taken in two stages. In the first one it will be studied the separation and continuous recovery of copper and zinc, and in the second one it will be incorporated an additional elimination process of the soluts that still remain in the effluent (mainly Al, Mg, As and SO "sup2-" "sub4") to make it compatible with environment regulations. Our working plan is based in: a) characterization of acid water of mines effluents. We will determine the chemical parameters (contents of ionical species pH and pE), physics (suspension particles, changes of aspects) and biological (bacteriological content); b) development of a continuous treatment process through selective resins in fixed layer columns. We will make a process of fixed layer columns for the continuum treatment of acid waters that allow the selective separation of studied ions, and the analitic control of the parameters that determine the acquisition of this separation; c) optimization of the chemical parameters in separation and recovery processes. We will determine the following parameters: 1. kinetics of absortion process (discontinuous study) for the metallic ion depending of pH work. Determination of contact time; 2. absortion capacity of the resine in relation to the metallic ion, chosen depending of the pH; 4. elution and recovery of the metallic ion over resine; 5. resine regeneration and conditioning of it to follow the absortion process. To realize this project the UAB team will colaborate with the RTM team.
Effective start/end date2/06/932/06/94


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