Sensibilitat al càstig i a la recompensa: influència en la personalitat i en els processos de socialització

  • Torrubia Beltri, Rafael (Principal Investigator)
  • Ávila Rivera, César Carlos (Scholar)
  • Garcia Sevilla, Lluis (Investigator)
  • Gomà-i-Freixanet , Montserrat (Investigator)

    Project Details


    The present project is aimed to study the relationship between personality, conditioning and socialization processes, taking as a point of departure the framework of Gray's motivational systems theory. A number of studies using high and low scorers in Anxiety and Impulsivity are proposed to compare the performance in some behavioural tests. We want to assess the relationship between personality (specially Anxiety and Impulsivity) and: 1) some kinds of appetitive and aversive operant conditioning; 2) discriminative learning in different motivational contexts (rewards, punishment or both); 3) attentional processes to appetitive and aversive stimuli; 4) the behaviour following reward and punishment; and 5) risk-taking behaviour
    Effective start/end date1/04/9031/03/91


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