Saturació i dinàmica no lineal en làsers Raman

  • Corbalán Yuste, Ramon (Principal Investigator)

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Raman lasers, also called optically pumped lasers or coherently pumped lasers, are physically different from the ordinary lasers that operate with one photon transitions in a two-level system whose population is inverted by an incoherent pumping mechanism. Raman lasers operate in a three level scheme, with the pump laser and the generated laser acting on adjacent transitions sharing the commonupper level. Therefore the Raman process (a two-photon process) playsan important role and it is not necessary to reach population inversion. The coherent excitation thus results therefore in new and interesting characteristics for Raman lasers, which are the only suitable sources in the middle and far infrared spectral regions (12"micra"m-1mm). As continuation of a previous project (DGICYT, PB86-0650-CO3-00), a further step in the theoretical and experimental study of the Raman lasers is proposed a
Effective start/end date27/11/9027/11/93


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