Síntesis y funcionalización de nanopartículas inorgánicas con moléculas bifuncionales. Un reto para la radioarmacia.

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The main goal of this work is the preparation of functionalised inorganic nanoparticles and second generation radiopharmaceuticals by means of bifunctional molecules designed for being in control: a) the preparation and functionalization of nanoparticles; b) the properties of radiopharmaceuticals. These molecules contain at least two functional groups with different properties. The first one should be able to link with the surface metallic atoms of a nanoparticle (or a molecule) so it should contain a donor atom like N, P, O or S. The second functional group provides some one the following properties to the final product: a) Stabilisation of nanoparticle dispersions to avoid aggregation processes due to the presence of voluminous groups with electric charge. b) Formation of microemulsions by means of surfactant bifunctional molecules, which are very useful to prepare nanoparticles by virtue of their ability to form supramolecular aggregates. c) Link of nanoparticle or a radioactive atom to a biomolecule to form functionalised nanoparticles with biomolecules or second generation radiopharmaceuticals . These compounds are very attractive because they can be applied in medical therapy and diagnosis. d) Coating of gold nanoparticles with other metals as Ru and Re , with the aim of using radioactive isotopes like Re-188 and Tc-ppm. It can open the door to a new class of functionalisation and allows to study the behaviour of these particles "in vivo"
Effective start/end date1/10/0730/09/10


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