Síntesi per aleat mecànic i caracterització estructural, magnètica i térmica de materials nanoestructurades d'interés industrial.

  • Baro Marine, Maria Dolors (Principal Investigator)
  • López Santos, Jordi (Investigator)
  • Malagelada Perez, Jordi (Investigator)
  • Muñoz Dominguez, Juan Santiago (Investigator)
  • Nogués Sanmiquel, Josep (Investigator)
  • Suriñach Cornet, Santiago (Investigator)

Project Details


Scientific investigations by material scientists have been continously directed towards improving the properties and perfomance of materials. Significant improvements in mechanical, chemical and physical properties have been achieved through chemistry modifications and conventional thermal, mechanical, and thermomechanical treatments. However, the ever-increasing demands fot hotter, stronger, stiffer, and lighter than traditional materials of construction have led to the design and development of novel synthesis methods and to engineer new materials, in order to give them desirable properties so they can meet specific technological and industrial applications. The trought to create materials with new properties by manipulation of matter on a small scale is not new, however the ability to actuallly create a broad class of naostructrured materials (MN) artificially synthesized with microestructures modulated in one or three dimensions on length scales of nanometers has only become possible over the past several year. Up to now, gas condensation, mechanical alloyint/milling, crystalization of amorphous solids and sol-gel type precipitation techniques have been the processing routes most commonly employed to produce large quantitites of MN samples, being each method particularly suited for specific systems and for specific sample volumes and shapes. In this proposal, it is intended, on the one hand, to sinthesize nanostructured materials through mechanical alloyin/milling in two viewpoints of important development at present, such as intermetallic compounds with potential for structural applications and materials for magnetic applications. On the other hand, a structural, thermal, magnetic and mechanical characterization will be performed. The goal will be to propose models and laws which can describe and explain any new phenomena found. In both cases, fundamental research and finalist objectives are brought together.
Effective start/end date1/10/9830/09/01


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