Síntesi i reactivitat de \gamma-lactones: el seu ús com a sintons

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In this project the reactivity of "alpha","beta"-unsaturated "gamma"-lactones is studied in order to use them as synthons in the preparation of some complex molecules. Since most of these compounds are secondary metabolites, particular emphasis is made in diastereoselective synthesis. The following are some of the substances to be synthesized: "alpha"-hydroxy-"gamma"-methylene-"alpha","beta"-butenolide, fimbrolides, beckerelides, (+)-grandisol, sekurinega alkaloids, nonproteic hydroxy-"alpha"-aminoacids, etc. The synthetic aproaches are mostly based on the use of molecules from the chiral pool. The [2 +2] and 1,3-dipolar additions to the carbon-carbon double bond of "alpha","beta"-butenolides will be studied in detail.
Effective start/end date4/10/904/10/93


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