Síntesi estereoselectiva de productes bioactius utilitzant compostos carbonílics \alpha, \beta-insaturats.

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The aim of this project is the total synthesis of bioactive molecules. The key steps in the synthetic pathway are 1,3-dipolar or [2+2] photochemical cycloaddition reactions. The starting materials are \alpha, \beta-unsaturated carbonyl compounds, specially esters, lactones, and \i p\i0 -benzoquinone derivatives. Some target molecules are \i Securinega\i0 and \i Stemona\i0 alkaloids and lineatine. In the asymmetric induction we intend to use compounds of the chiral pool or diols with C\sub 2\nosub symmetry as auxiliaries.
Effective start/end date1/10/981/10/01


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