Síntesi, caracterització estructural i espectroscòpica i propietats redox de complexos d'aminotiolats aromàtics i alifàtics amb metalls dels grups 11 i 12. Tiolats heterometàl.lics ...

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This research project continues and enlarges previous ones and aims to contribute developing metal-thiolate chemistry, which has evolved very rapidly because of its structural diversity and its relation with the active sites of metalloproteins containing cysteine residues as coordinating ligands. In respect to basic research it is proposed: to initiate a systematic study of metal complexes of aromatic aminothiolate and other bi- and trifunctional thiolate ligands, to obtain heterometallic complexes of Schiff bases from aromatic aminothiolate complexes with steric hindrance around the sulfur atom, and to study in a systematic way the structural patterns of copper (I) aminothiolate complexes containing phosphine or arsine as additional ligands. This new project also aims at applying our experience on metal-thiolate complexes to cysteine-rich containing peptides and thus the synthesis and s
Effective start/end date1/07/951/07/98


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