Sèries d'imatges de satèl·lit d'alta resolució per a l'estudi del risc estructural d'incendis i de la regeneració post-incendi de la vegetació

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Ecological knowledge applied to land management requires a scale of analysis that stand level approaches and sampling cannot provide. Nonetheless, GIS procedures and remote sensing, which employ environmental variables in a broader scale, can help in this purpose. Results from the previous projects have led to build the fire history map of Catalonia along the period 1975-1999, through a long time series of satellite images. This project aims to employ such a geographical database to analyse territorial factors associated to the tire regime. The first general objective \ul is to investigate the relationship between fire frequency and fire probability\ul0 . The second main goal \ul is to study the territorial factors determining tire recurrence, fire extent, fire severity, fire seasonality and fire perimeter, as well as their effects on regeneration processes of the Mediterranean plant communities\ul0 . Third and last main aim \ul is to elaborate and then to provide an specific software that will allow users to detect automatically burned areas from satellite images\ul0 . This fine monitoring, from the temporal and spatial point of view, will enable to study in detail \ul the vegetation recovery after fire and the correlation between images and the meteorological data from the automatic station network\ul0 .
Effective start/end date28/12/0028/12/03


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