Romanització inicial i transformació urbana a la Tarraconense mediterrània

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The purpose of this project is to study in depth about the knowlege of historical process that in the first Romanization's centuries involves, in the Mediterranean area of Hispania Tarraconensis, important changes in native culture and the appereance of a new colonial cities netwok that shows, since that moment, the basic urban system until now perpetuated. We have to learn that during the last years, many archaeological works have made possible to provide new interpretations for those historical changes. We also purpose archaeological researches in three sites in the area -the roman cities of Iluro (Mataró) and Iesso (Guissona), founded during the last years of second century BC or first years I BC, and the Iberian settlement of Burriac (Cabrera de Mar) with its last ingness and changes up to the first century BC- appear as the most adequate laboratory for the giving of new scientific a
Effective start/end date14/06/9331/12/96


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