Revisió de l'epigrafia grega d'Empúries i de les fonts literàries referents a dita colònia grega

  • Peña Gimeno, María José (Principal Investigator)
  • Santiago Alvarez, Rosa Araceli (Investigator)

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    Last years the research works on the greek colony of Emporium has advanced meaningfully on a variety of fronts: the finding of leads written in greek and in iberic and the archaeological excavations have forced definitely a critical review of some previous historical views. In this context, the analysis of the literary sources has revealed it self as an irreplaceable and very fruitful tool. The review of all the texts related to the greek colony of Emporion becomes, thereafter of a paramount actual interest, given the strongly consequential force of the new facts and ideas
    Effective start/end date1/04/9031/03/91


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