Revisió de la macrofauna de jaciments del cretaci superior del sud-est d'Espanya (sud de València, nord d'Alacant)

  • Pons Muñoz, Jose Maria (Principal Investigator)
  • Martínez Ribas, Ricard (Investigator)

Project Details


The invertebrate fauna from the Upper Cretaceous period of south-eastern Spain is only known through quotations in regional geology works and very few palaentological papers, most of them old-fashioned. The inadequacy of the available macropalaentological data has not allowed their profitable use neither when completing the geological maps (Magna) memoirs nor for stratigraphical synthesis or basin analysis works. For the same reason, they have not been sufficiently used for the resolution of some problems related to biostratigraphical correlation or biological evolution, faced by international programs. Our objectives are as follows: the surveying of fossil localities selected from the existing bibliography and their geological setting in the context of the most recent palaeogeographical interpretations; an exhaustive study of any palaentological aspect of the invertebrate fauna, with a
Effective start/end date22/06/9222/06/95


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