Representacions de Galois i cristalls de Dieudonné

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"Dieudonné's crystals of ordinary Abelian varieties." "k" as a positive perfect body. Characterizing of the funtor's essential image assigned to every A/k Abelian variety by the Dieudonné's crystal of its p-divisible group is extremely difficult. If "k" is finite, the isogeny module's problem is solved by Honda's theory (1968) and Li found in 1989 a solution for supersingular Abelian varieties over an algebraically closed "k". Solutions may be found for ordinary case and bodies of algebraic functions. "Schemes unipotent reduction into groups." X/Qp as a N/Zp-Néron-model-admiting grouped scheme. Unipotent component of N's finite fibre's related component is classified by its Dieudonné's crystal, M(U). We should learn "how to read" M(U) in the filtrated module associated by Fontaine's theory to the X-Tate's module-given Galois's representation. Algebraic bulls: variety information containe
Effective start/end date22/11/9022/11/93

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