Representació espacial i consciència fenomènica a la percepció i el coneixement empíric bàsic.

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This project is to be placed in the wider context of explaining consciousness and self-conciousness, which is the central problem that any account of the relation between the brain and the ming must address. The project focuses in one very important aspect of the problem: the study of \i perception-based consciousness\i0 and self-consciousness and the role played by the egocentric spatial context of perceptual states in it, further, it aims to study the relationship between perception-based consciousness, on the one hand, and thought and knowledge, on the other. The project amins to the systematic organization and clarification of the issues to be explained in this area, as well as making significant progress in answering those questions, at least in the measure in which the required answer be mainly of a conceptual character or combines conceptual aspects with know empirical results. In the remaining cases (in which empirical investigation is the main component), the project aims at contributing to clarify which kinds of empirical research are relevant for the advancement in our overall understanding of perception based conciousness.
Effective start/end date1/10/981/10/01


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