Relacions entre polítiques socials i estructura social a Espanya ( 1977-1997)

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This project aims to analyse social policy in Spain with reference to the social structure, since social structure contributes to the making of social policy and social policy produces certain effects on social structure. Both concepts are defined in order to operationalise them. In our view, social structure includes four spheres of social activity (the market, the state, domesticity and representative associations) where several kinds of inequality arise; on the other hand, social policy is a state intervention whose content embraces several areas (labour, education, social protection, social exclusion, housing and gender equality) raising come effects on social structure. Doubtless, the relation between content and effect cannot be established in advance. The general hypothesis states that a double influence -i.e. social structureon social policy, and conversely social policy on social structure- can be spelt out from distinct social and institutional settings. The hypothesis will be tested by analysing the making and the effects of social protection policy, labour policy, educational policy, minimum revenue policy, active employment policy, housing policy, equal opportunities policy, and personal services policy in Catalonia and the Basque Autonomous Community.
Effective start/end date1/12/981/12/01


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