Reducció de l'ús de la presó i alternatives a la presó

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Due to the enormous increase of the Spanish prison population during the last decade, this research tries to examine if alternatives to custody are able to restrin this proces. The project has two dimensions, in a theoretical level, it aims to stablish the reasons of the increase in prison population and also studies some experiences of foreign countries where alternatives have been widely implemented; secondly, in a empirical level, the research is focused on the implementation of the alternatives to custody regulated by the new Spanish penal code (1995). The utility of the research refers both to criminal policy and to sentencing process. In respect to criminal policy, itl should give useful information about how alternatives to custody are to be implemented in order to achieve a reduction of imprisonment. Concernign sentencing process, the research tries to orient judges in deciding when to sentence to a non custodial sentence and how to conrol the enforcement of this alternative punishments (including the role of probation officers) in order to achieve the aims of the alternative. The research wants to follow the recommendations of the Council of Europe aimed to use prison as a last resort (REC. Nº R. (92) 17).
Effective start/end date1/09/9831/08/01


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