Redisseny Mitjançant Enginyeria de Proteïnes de Glucohidrolases d'Interès Agroalimentari i Industrial

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The aim of the project is the redesign of two glucohydrolase enzymes, an \b 1,3-1,4-\beta-glucanasa\b0 from \i Streptomyces sp.\i0 These enzymes are utilized in the food industry: glucanases for facilitatinf the filtration processes in the brewing industry and for improving the digestibility of chick feedstuffs: glucosidases are used for flavor extraction and for the enzymatic conversion of biomass. Previously, protein engineering techniques have been enzymatically and mechanistically well characterized. The present project besides gaining insight into the mechanistic analysis, specially for glucosidase, will try to redesign both enzymes in three main ways: stability (temperature and organic solvents), substrate specificity and reaction reversibility. These three aspects have a double applied objective: make these enzymes useful for the enzymatic synthesis of carbohydrates or blycoconjugates favoring their transglycosilating activity and/or use them for other substrates, and design improved enzyme variants for specific appliccations in the food industry.
Effective start/end date1/08/971/08/00

Collaborative partners

  • Ramon Llull University


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